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After-fire cleaning

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Qualinet has the expertise and the equipment to clean all fire and smoke damages

We master all necessary steps to bring rapid success to our intervention.

  • We secure the site location and proceed to a thorough risk evaluation;
  • We make a precise situation assessment;
  • We itemize the best intervention steps;
  • We get rapidly into action to minimize corrosion and contamination damages;
  • We control every aspect of the plan.

From the beginning to the end, Qualinet takes care of everything

Within an intervention plan following a fire and smoke disaster, Qualinet can also take charge of:

  • Restoration of documents spoiled by smoke;
  • In-depth garments and fabrics cleaning and, if required, ionization to eliminate deeply embedded odors;
  • Room fumigation where smoke odors persist;
  • Moving and temporary warehousing of goods.

Our building division is also available to provide an excellent after disaster renovation plan.

Disaster victims are generally covered by an adequate insurance policy. In such an occurrence, Qualinet sets all financial matters related to its intervention directly with the insurer. Thus, from the beginning to the end, we work to simplify your life and to eliminate all damage traces.

Coordinates : Water damage / Fire / After disaster cleaning