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Specialized drying

L'assèchement spécialiséDrying without demolition can save time and money

With today’s technology and our know-how, we can completely dry out any water-damaged structure without resorting to demolition. Total dry out means:

  • That our strict protocol will eliminate every trace of water or moisture on the surface and deep down.
  • That no mildew will develop. Ever!
  • That even the ambient air will be free of any lingering, unhealthy moisture that is a health hazard for occupants.

In many cases, this non-invasive technique is the solution* :

  • Disaster victims and their insurers save costly demolition and rebuilding
  • They also save time since the total intervention is faster

*Except when premises are irreparable due to contaminated water, such as a backed-up sewer or when materials are in a state of irreversible deterioration.

From start to finish, Qualinet does it all!

No need to call on several different firms to assess the disaster affecting your building, Qualinet takes care of everything from start to finish. This is your guarantee of total satisfaction.

Surgical precision

Our precision technologies allow us to conduct a surgical intervention: walls and partitions, floors and ceilings are treated in an isolated and controlled environment so that you can continue to occupy most of the building.

A comfortable solution

Our fast, clean, quiet technology lets you continue your regular activities undisturbed.

A secure approach

When water and dampness are involved, mildew and contamination are not far behind. Our intervention methods can handle it all.

  • We place antibacterial floor mats at the entrance to containment zones.
  • Our detection and measuring equipment analyzes the presence of moisture or bacteria deep down, before, during and after the intervention.
  • Most of the equipment that we use has a ‘Microban’ certified plastic casing that protects it from bacteria and mildew. It is kept in a separate, restricted access storage area used for hospitals and schools, and is transported individually vacuum-sealed. In addition, each piece of equipment is fully decontaminated after each use.
  • Our remote monitoring technology lets us follow drying progress at all times.
  • Analyses by a reputable outside laboratory certify the total absence of mildew after treatment.

Our guarantee

  • The intervention is guaranteed by Qualinet, Québec’s leading disaster cleanup company.  We give you total peace of mind.

Coordinates : Water damage / Fire / After disaster cleaning