Disinfection agents and Project managers


Job description

Qualinet is appealing to all available people in Quebec, including students on leave, to work to urgently combat the Omicron variant thanks to disinfection, mainly in the network of institutional establishments and essential businesses.

The President and CEO of Qualinet, Mr. Éric Pichette, announces once again that his group is truly facing an unprecedented urgent challenge created by the lightning spread of the OMICRON variant in all regions of Quebec.

This situation had forced Qualinet on December 24 to create 938 new jobs in all regions to face, once again, a significant growth in corporate and institutional demands related to the disinfection and sanitation of buildings belonging to the organizations often considered essential, such as hospitals, CHSLDs and other buildings with a social vocation. In total, out of 938 new jobs, more than 500 remain to be filled!

The number of jobs to be filled in the main geographic sectors is identified below in this text.

This is an urgent call for resources that will be trained on the spot for expert disinfection, project and administrative positions. These jobs are safe and rewarding, in addition to offering excellent compensation.

“By becoming expert disinfection agents, project managers or administrative agents at Qualinet, many will feel useful and will feel a sense of duty accomplished. We therefore appeal to all, especially targeting unemployed people or those looking for additional employment. Qualinet needs you day, evening or night; and this is your chance to make a new career in a frontline industry. It is also our chance to be able to integrate you into our teams”, declares Mr. Roger Vigneault, Director of Operations of Qualinet.

The sectors where the situation is particularly urgent and the number of positions to be filled, are as follow:

Laurentians: 62 positions

Lanaudière: 33 positions

Montreal / Laval: 164 positions

Outaouais: 41 positions

Quebec: 118 positions

Estrie: 23 positions

Bois-Franc: 19 positions

Montérégie / South Shore: 51 positions

Mauricie: 24 positions

Saguenay: 18 positions

Bas-Saint-Laurent: 17 positions

North Shore: 13 positions

Chaudière-Appalaches: 29 positions

Abitibi: 14 positions

Role and responsibilities

To hold this position you must have:

  • Valid driver's license (Car)
  • Cell
  • Good physical condition
  • High availability
  • Double vaccination

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