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Qualinet, the leader in QuebecHistory

Founded in 1994, today Qualinet is the leader in disaster cleanup and restoration services. The company employs more than 650 people in the province of Quebec, who proudly wear the uniform of one of the many Qualinet divisions:

Modest Beginnings – Impressive Growth

Qualinet, the leader in Quebec

In the spring of 1994, 22 year-old Éric Pichette, a determined self-made entrepreneur with a few years of experience in his father Richard’s small cleaning company, saw business opportunities and offered to take over operations. He invested his modest savings, and with support from his banker, who admired his determination, went ahead to launch Qualinet. Driven by marketing and diversification, the business soon grew to become the thriving company we know today.

A franchise network to serve all Québec regions

Thanks to Éric Pichette's marketing savvy and skills, Qualinet quickly built its name with insurers and disaster victims, first in Quebec City and then in Montreal.

Now at the helm of a major company often solicited by investors, he launched the hugely successful Québec-wide Qualinet franchise network in 2009.

Coordinates : Water damage / Fire / After disaster cleaning