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Ventilation ducts cleaning
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More than ever, ventilation ducts are an issue for all building managers!

The proliferation of bacteria, fungi, protozoa and even a virus in the ventilation ducts of buildings is now a real concern for all those who frequent them.

Building owners and managers therefore need the help of professionals to ensure that each component of their ventilation system is safe. In addition, competent cleaning will contribute to the optimal efficiency of the systems, which avoids undue stress on a number of expensive parts to replace. In short, it is a guarantee of savings.

As we all know, indoor air quality can have a measurable impact on the health of occupants.

Do you know what's hidden in the ventilation ducts?

Professional cleaning and disinfection is the best way to avoid the harmful accumulation of dust, mold, pollen, allergens and others in the ducts.

Do you know what's hidden in the ventilation ducts?

We have the equipment and the know-how! We have teams specially trained to clean ventilation ducts. They have at their disposal state-of-the-art technical and technological equipment as well as proven products. If necessary, they also have access to hydraulic scaffolding and boom lifts for working at heights.

We see what you don't see!

During cleaning work, nothing is left to chance. Inspection cameras, robotic cleaning brushes for ducts of all sizes, dust collectors, compressors and factory trucks allow us to detect and eliminate dust and microorganisms invisible to the naked eye.

Environmentally-responsible actions

Always concerned about the environment, we only favor the use of cleaning and disinfection products that are safe for people and the environment.

In this period of uncertainty, we have quickly taken the necessary control to face this health crisis and become a reference support in the fight against the pandemic.

In partnership with specialized firms, a safe decontamination protocol specific to the coronavirus has been developed to enable us to meet your needs. Whether it is a place where contamination has been suspected or even confirmed, our teams and know-how will be put to work to disinfect the premises.

We are constantly on the lookout for directives issued by the various authorities and we will not hesitate to adjust our procedures as needed.