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Decontamination, disinfection and
mold removal

Do it for your home and for your health!

Hundreds of thousands of homes in Quebec suffer from ventilation and attic insulation problems. In the first case, it causes mold problems on the structures and can cause health problems for its occupants.

In the second, heating costs are unnecessarily high and you waste money, not to mention that the rooms below are less comfortable. However, all of these issues can be easily resolved.

The inspection program allows you to have your roof inspected, at no cost or obligation, to reassure you of its condition. The work will be done by an expert technician from Qualinet.

In this period of uncertainty, we have quickly taken the necessary control to face this health crisis and become a reference support in the fight against the pandemic.

In partnership with specialized firms, a safe decontamination protocol specific to the coronavirus has been developed to enable us to meet your needs. Whether it is a place where contamination has been suspected or even confirmed, our teams and know-how will be put to work to disinfect the premises.

We are constantly on the lookout for directives issued by the various authorities and we will not hesitate to adjust our procedures as needed.