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We have a solution for every situation!

Regardless of the damage caused by fire, flood or strong winds, Qualinet has a solution for any post-disaster emergency. We take care of the situation, whether it is draining water after infiltration, cleaning up fire damage or securing the site quickly.

We guarantee you an incomparable 360° service. To do this, we have state-of-the-art equipment. In a process of continuous improvement, we are constantly on the lookout for new products and innovations that can facilitate the operations required by a disaster emergency.

But first and foremost, our expertise is based on a team of dedicated specialists who do everything possible to ensure your satisfaction following the restoration of your property. And most importantly, you are not alone. You are supported and accompanied throughout the process.

  • Water damage and flooding

    Flooding is increasing every year in Quebec. Broken pipes, infiltration or sewer back-ups can also cause unfortunate water damage. No matter the cause, the water entering your home leaves much more damage than we can see.

    After securing the premises and draining the water, our experts ensure that your home is drained and decontaminated to eliminate all traces of humidity. Our unique specialized drying procedure after water damage guarantees you a healthy and mold-free living environment.

    We always prioritize the drying of structures and materials rather than demolition. However, if this is not possible, our disaster recovery service will take care of the reconstruction of your building.

    For Qualinet, the most important thing is your health and safety. We advise you on the best solutions for your situation.

  • Fire, smoke and smell

    Cleaning up after a fire may seem complex, but we have made it our expertise!

    Fire can cause impressive damage to a property. Flames, smoke and even water used to fight the fire cause significant damage. Needs differ, from barricading to decontamination to post-disaster reconstruction.

    After the visit of the firefighters, your doors and windows will probably have shattered. First and foremost, we secure the premises, thanks in part to our disaster recovery barricading service. Our team then cleans up any trace of the fire so that you can safely return to your home.

    After a fire, the smell of smoke is omnipresent. To neutralize it, several techniques can be used.  Depending on your situation, we identify the appropriate treatment and products for the permanent elimination of odours. We can also clean and restore your property and documents affected by smoke. When needed, we offer moving and temporary storage services for your belongings.

    You can also count on our disaster renovation teams for complete support and superior turnkey service.

  • High winds, vandalism and crime scenes

    Qualinet specializes in complex cases. We handle all types of post-disaster emergencies.

    When nature rages, no one is protected against damage. Storms, ice and strong winds are often synonym of shattered windows and torn roofs. Uprooted trees can also damage your property. Our specialists do what it takes to secure, barricade and then clean your home thoroughly.

    Businesses are sometimes victims of vandalism of all kinds. Theft, graffiti or any other damage to your establishment, our team takes care of barricading and cleaning whatever the type of coating, inside or outside.

    Qualinet eliminates all traces of blood caused by a serious accident or a crime scene. We clean carpets, fabrics and all materials for a complete disinfection of the premises. Our efficient service allows you to turn the page as quickly as possible.

  • Documents restoration


    Thanks to its expertise and state of the art technologies, Qualinet carries out restoration of liquid, smoke, other substances and mildew spoiled documents.

    We give a new life to different types of documents: books, files, reports, archives, Xrays, computer data, etc.

    We take great care of your important possessions.

    • ULC accredited laboratory;
    • Cryogenics chamber;
    • Ionization chamber;
    • Specially trained, experienced personnel;
    • Highly secure site to protect the confidentiality of your documents.

    We answer all your urgent needs and deliver restored documents rapidly. We also offer warehousing facility.

  • Specialized drying

    With the technology and expertise of Qualinet, it is possible to completely dry structures and materials after clear water or grey water damage without the need of considering demolition. Specialized drying is a very precise and rigorous technique that allows all walls, floors and ceilings to be treated in a controlled environment.

    Disaster victims can therefore occupy the site for the duration of the intervention. It is a fast and quiet process, which allows them to carry out their daily activities without disruption.

    This type of post-disaster drying is the ideal solution for prestigious residences, because it saves high-end property and materials. It is also used in schools, shops or supermarkets. By avoiding demolition, life can resume much more quickly!

  • Decontamination, disinfection, Covid-19 and more

    In this period of uncertainty, we have quickly taken the necessary control to face this health crisis and become a reference support in the fight against the pandemic.

    In partnership with specialized firms, a safe decontamination protocol specific to the coronavirus has been developed to enable us to meet your needs. Whether it is a place where contamination has been suspected or even confirmed, our teams and know-how will be put to work to disinfect the premises.

    We are constantly on the lookout for directives issued by the various authorities and we will not hesitate to adjust our procedures as needed.


Prestigious residences

Thanks to our meticulous approach and our custom restoration, we preserve the high-end materials and furniture of prestigious residences, for high quality results at a lower cost.

Senior's residence

Qualinet is committed to the well-being of the residents. Our equipment is adapted to prevent them from being bothered by an irritant and we do everything possible not to disturb their environment.

Multiplexes and condos

Many of the affected dwellings require several simultaneous interventions. You can count on our many qualified employees, who are able to respond quickly to demand without sacrificing quality.




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Large-scale establishments


Educational institutions


Congress centers









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