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No other company in Quebec has so many technicians and advanced equipment to intervene on the sites of a disaster, no matter how big it is.

  • Our history

    Small beginnings - lightning growth

    In the spring of 1994, then 22 years old, self-taught, go-getter and with a few years of experience in the small cleaning company of his father Richard, Éric Pichette thought big and offered to take over. He gathers his modest savings and seeks the support of his banker who, admiring his determination, will not hesitate to support his project, which is mainly focused on growth through marketing and the diversification of services. It was from that moment that the Qualinet business that we know today really got off the ground.

    A network of franchises to satisfy all of Quebec

    Leveraging his flair and his unusual marketing instinct, Éric Pichette quickly conquered insurers and disaster victims to impose the Qualinet brand in Quebec, then in Montreal.

    Now president of a very large-scale company frequently solicited by investors, in 2009 he launched a network of franchises which allows him to now be present throughout Quebec under various banners.

    To clean, wash, stain, dry, decontaminate and so much more, Qualinet is the leader everywhere in Quebec!

  • Social involvement


    Every year, Qualinet supports a number of worthy causes and activities aimed at improving the quality of life of our community. Many respected foundations, especially those helping sick and disadvantaged children, can count on our discreet but tangible support.

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